What to say when you are stuck for words.

When such an important issue as #BlackLivesMatter is thrust into the mainstream, we can react in different ways. I had no idea how to react. Maybe you feel the same. Why has this been such a difficult issue for me… Continue Reading →

Brand New Pucker Poets Podcast Launched- Episode 1-Poet-Dominic Berry

It seems like the ideal opportunity to launch the new Pucker Poets Podcast – First Up – 2020 Sabatour Best Poet, Dominic Berry

And All Those Who Sail In her!

And so it is with the fanfare of trumpets and the staccato crack of fireworks, that the blog on my website is born. As the acrid smoke of the celebratory firecrackers clears, the faces of VIP’s and dignitaries become slowly… Continue Reading →