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Pucker Poets Podcast-Episode Five-Rowan McCabe

This weeks episode of the Pucker Poets podcast is now up. Join me as I talk with Door to Door Poet; Rowan McCabe

Dominic Berry – Selected Poems 1998 to 2018 –

Fiftypointfour Recordings, my digital label, was revived around a campfire at a festival, with the purpose of distributing Spoken Word albums. I am delighted to share the release detail of the first album. SW001. I am equally pleased that the first artist is the wonderful Dominic Berry.

We have more Spoken Word performers lined up, but here are the details of this seminal release for the label which was formerly limited to club music.

The second in a series of three reflections. Where are they going? No idea…

An exercise in creating imagery in the font as well as the words. Experiment 3 of a new collection.