Ivory Mask

Ivory Masks

Frequencies oscillate
Sines of imagined realms
Piano notes dig sharp
into ivory masks

Nothing sounds real
until caked in fakery
Create a space
Fill it with noise

If we push far enough
our hands will disturb them
We will paint a stretched batik
into the fabric walls of other worlds

We are Squonk
wearing paper crumpled eyes
Seeking a city of gold
amongst the plastic of greedy men

Swallowed pits
bubble acid deep
Vodka based
and powder lipped

Broken beats
throw back time

We’ve all imagined love before

The final cymbal splashes tears
on Monday mornings Ska-faced clowns

The crackle of the needle hits
forces Disco-lated hips

So swallow the wind
arms spread Jesus wide
Spew out your angst
in modal stutters

Tasting the spaces in                between

An extract of the book of sketch

Alexander rhodes – 2019