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And so it is with the fanfare of trumpets and the staccato crack of fireworks, that the blog on my website is born. As the acrid smoke of the celebratory firecrackers clears, the faces of VIP’s and dignitaries become slowly visible. The recent “Wows” “Oooohs” and “ahhhhhhs” still frozen on their faces. The velvet placemat has been pulled from the front of the 2007 iMac screen. The suitably naff tasselled chord that spanned the wine-stained keyboard has been cut. This Blog is officially open.

Of course, it may seem somewhat overkill to have esteemed people at such a seemingly unimportant event and it may be that this is the last blog entry ever attempted. Still, they came. There is old Brucie, Nice to see him, to see him… Les Dawson and Ronnie Barker are sharing a giggle in the corner with Kenny Everett who is casting aspersions as to how tasteful this first blog actually is. I assure him it is all in the best possible taste. Dear Lady Di has even put in an appearance and after I cheekily tell her that her name, as an anagram is “A car spin is end”, she flashes me a mock scolding look. Her wispy form floats away whispering – “Ascend in Paris”!

I ring the champagne glass to get everyone’s attention. “Wonderful people” I cry. “Thank you all so much for coming and supporting me at this momentous er, – moment. It will not be too long now before I take that huge step of deleting Facebook from my life completely. It will be an experiment in social change”. The audible gasp in the room is palpable. Tick Tock rolls her eyes as if to say whatever! She scrawls me some note about stealing her anagrams idea. “I can tell you’re shocked”. I continue, “but it is going to happen. I intend to not just deactivate, but delete Facebook altogether and document how it affects my life and my work as a creative. A kind of method type form of poetry”… I crackle, sounding unconvinced.  This blog and the website Subscription will be the only way for people to keep in touch. Well other than Linked In (the equivalent of Methadone for Facebook junkies) or Twitter”!

I can tell from the silence in the room that this idea has fallen on doubtful hearts and minds. “Perhaps it is totally fitting then that this blog resides among the ghosts of past success and lost talent. If so, I ask you this… If people disengage and I disappear into the ghostly ether, just because I am not using a social media platform, then is that not a scary thing?  Have we not stepped too far into “Wonderland”?

I look around the room. It is empty. My IMAC whirs and the buzz of the speakers is the only sound. I stand alone. A head full of ideas and heart full of passion. I wrestle with words, in the hope of being heard. The speaker’s crackle… “Goooood Moooooorning Vietnaaaaaaaaaam”

It’s time for me to go now. I have to exorcise Robin Williams from my radio.

Coming 2019 “Wonderland, The Dystopian Present”

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