Attila The Stockbroker At St Cecilia’s Hall_Edinburgh Fringe 2019

What happens when you allow a Punk Rock Poet to take the stage in a Classical venue, with early 17th century instruments?

Find out here

Cactus_Jemima Foxtrot

Another in my personal reviews of #edfringe2019 #pbhfreefringe #must see.

Jemima schools us in the art of the spoken word show.


the Second City Poets are performing Playground, at the Scottish Poetry Library, 6th to 9th August inclusive. Here is my review.

The second in a series of three reflections. Where are they going? No idea…

An exercise in creating imagery in the font as well as the words. Experiment 3 of a new collection.

Freelance writing.

Do you need more cash flow & time for your art? Me too. Here is how I have achieved just that.

An extract from the “Book Of Sketch”

Alexander Rhodes Poet

A new Poem. May 2019

And All Those Who Sail In her!

And so it is with the fanfare of trumpets and the staccato crack of fireworks, that the blog on my website is born. As the acrid smoke of the celebratory firecrackers clears, the faces of VIP’s and dignitaries become slowly… Continue Reading →